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How Self-Storage Can Help a Divorce

The end of a marriage can be a very trying time for each party involved. You’ve shared a home and many memories during your years together. During a divorce, it’s common for one party to move out of the house. Unfortunately, this means that while you’re dealing with the emotions of the divorce, you also have to think about packing and moving out. We’re here to help. Learn how self storage can help get you back on your feet quicker.  

Navigating Couples Self-Storage During Divorce

  1. Create a neutral space for possessions.

Your shared home can be a hot zone for tempers because so many memories are tied to it. It’s not going to be productive to try to divvy up furniture and other possessions in that setting. Placing your belongings in a storage unit gives you a neutral zone to divide those belongings with no attached emotions.

  1. Find a space for the belongings that don’t fit in your new home.

A divorce often means downsizing to a smaller home or apartment. While you may have fewer belongings after dividing everything up, you still may not have enough room in your new place. A storage unit offers the space to keep your property rather than get rid of it if you don’t have the space.

  1. Avoid transporting items multiple times.

After a divorce, your living situation may not be stable. You may stay with friends or family while you look for a place, and if you end up in an apartment, you may decide quickly that it’s not large enough. Rather than having to move your belongings repeatedly, you can place your bulkier items in a storage unit until you find your roots.

  1. Keep your belongings safe.

Unfortunately, not all marriages end amicably. Many items are replaceable, but you may have some things with sentimental value. Because you’re the only one with a key, and many storage facilities offer features like gated entry and security cameras, a storage unit can grant you peace of mind about the safety of your belongings.

Store Your Belongings with Brentwood Self Storage

Divorce is a difficult time for anyone, and we want to help make your transition a little easier. With the rental of one of our units, you also receive free, unlimited cloud storage which ideal for storing documents you’ll need during your divorce proceedings. We’ll help you find a self-storage unit that is perfectly sized for your belongings.

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