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How to Organize a Storage Unit

There are many reasons to keep an organized storage unit. Maybe you have all your cold-weather clothes stored in there and the temperature shifts earlier than planned. Perhaps you have family coming to stay with you, and you need to quickly store your home gym equipment. No matter your reason, it’s always a good idea to know how to pack a storage unit so you can quickly find things and store new things. Here are some organizational tips to help you develop your own self storage system.


5 Self Storage Tips for Organization

  1. Make sure your self-storage unit is large enough.

It’s easy to overestimate how much space you need. Our 5x5 storage units can hold many items, but if you already have a mattress, box spring and a couple tubs of baby items stored inside, your weight machine probably won’t fit. The last thing you want is to have to bring half your belongings back home because they didn’t fit.

Start by creating a list of items you plan to store. Start with the biggest things and work your way down to the smallest, considering the size of the storage containers you’ll use. Decide how much space you’ll need for those items, and then give yourself plenty of buffer room for future items.

  1. Use similar sized, clear bins with labels.

When you have boxes that are the same size, you can improve your space management by stacking them. If you must use different sized boxes, only use a maximum of two sizes. Just keep in mind that large boxes are great for bulky items, but boxes that are oversized won’t support a stack on top of them and aren’t easy to access. Clear bins allow you to see directly into the box and identify what you need. If you can only get opaque bins, labels will help you keep track of all your items.

  1. Optimize space.

Fill each box completely, but don’t put all the heavy items in one bin. Mix and match weights so you can easily carry each box. This will also keep stacked boxes from crushing those under them. For the easiest access, place the bins you’ll need access to the most on the top. If you can’t stack your storage containers, opt for shelving racks.

  1. Design a layout.

Creating a layout for your storage space helps to make your visits quick and convenient. Your heaviest items such as shelving units and furniture should go against the wall. Then you can organize the boxes so that you can find what you need with a quick walk through. If you have a larger unit, you can create aisles with easily movable storage containers.

  1. Keep an inventory.

If you’re placing a lot of items in your unit, it can be easy to lose track of everything in there. Keep a detailed list of items including:

  • The address and phone number of the storage facility.
  • Every item in the unit with a detailed description.
  • Approximate monetary value for expensive items.
  • The type of container the item is in.
  • Serial numbers and model numbers when applicable (photos are best)

Keep a digital copy of this list as well as a hard copy in the unit.

Keep an Organized Unit with Brentwood Self Storage

Packing an organized storage unit is easy with Brentwood Self Storage of Brentwood, CA. We have a wide selection of storage sizes from 5x5 to 10x30 so you can create as many aisles as you need. We also offer you facility features such as quality packaging merchandise to make storing your belongings easier. And to conveniently move all of your belongings at once, you can rent a moving truck directly through Brentwood Self Storage.

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